Main projects that we were involved in are listed in the table below.

Project/Activities Partner Organizations Implementing
Promoting the
implementation of VGGT in Mongolia
FAO, Rome Nationwide 2014-2018 more
Women’s Land Tenure Security Mokoro LLC Bornuur soum, Tuv
Dornogobi aimag
2015-2017 more
Identification of strategies for engaging the stakeholders for overcoming public transportation issues in Khoroo 23, Bayangol district and Khoroo 24, Bayanzurkh district The Asia Foundation 23rd,khoroo,Bayangol district
24th,khoroo, Bayanzurkh district
Feasibility study on Zoo Park Development in Mongolia Business
Ulaanbaatar 2014
Water for Life – The Darkhid Valley Community Land Restoration Project for Watershed
Toyota foundation and New Zealand Nature Institute
Local community in Gachuurt, Sharkhooloi, Bayan-Zurkh
district Government City Environmental Department, NZNI
Ulaanbaatar, Gachuurt, SharKhooloi 2011-2013
Initiative – Developing Enabling Conditions and effective Models for Community Based Natural Resource Management and Conservation” under the “Daurian
Steppe SCAPES (Sustainable Conservation Approaches for Priority EcosystemS)
WCS Mongolia
Local community organizations, local government, EMCCA
–local NGO in Eastern steppe
Dornod and Khentii provinces 2011-2013
Capacity Building and Institutional Development for
Participatory Natural Resources Management and Conservation in Forest Areas of
FAO Mongolia
Local forest user groups, Local governments and Forest
agency in Ulaanbaatar
Bulgan, Khentii, Darkhan-Uul and Huvsgul 2009-2010
“Strengthening Local Institutions and Stakeholder
Cooperation for Landscape Stewardship and Sustainable Local Livelihoods”,
Component of GTZ Program “Conservation and Sustainable Management of Natural
Resources”, Mongolia,
Community organizations and local government Arkhangai and Uvurkhangai provinces 2007-2008
Education Program – Travelling Conservation Trunks Program
Zoo, Conservation Ink, Wildlife Conservation Society
Rural Schools and Ministry of Education Dornod Aimag April 2007 – Sep 2008
Study “Linkages
between Land degradation /desertification and local livelihoods/poverty, and
socio-economic baseline study”
PDF-B Phase, “Sustainable Land Management for
Combating Desertification in Mongolia”
14 soums of Uvurkhangai, Tuv, Sukhbaatar and
April – July 2007
Participatory Research – “Governance
and Ecosystems Management for the CONservation of BIOdiversity” (GEMCONBIO),CENESTA
(Centre for Sustainable Development)
Grassroots organizations of mobile pastoralists in 3
Gobi Aimags
9 soums in 3 Gobi Aimags (Omno Gobi, Ovorkhangai,
Commencing 2007, preparation phase
Policy study, “Building an enabling environment for pastoral sustainable rangeland management
through enhanced local-level advocacy based on sound knowledge management on
the impact of current policies on pastoralism” Mongolia,. 2006/7
WISP – World
Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism/IUCN- The World Conservation Union
Grassroots organizations of mobile pastoralists in 3
Gobi Aimags
9 soums in 3 Gobi,Aimags (Omno Gobi, Ovorkhangai, Bayankhongor) 2006-2007